Culture 10 June 2019

Arabs Have A Lot To Celebrate

There have been some amazing wins for Arabs over the last few weeks - and we have their stories.

by The Arab Edition Team

Culture 23 May 2019

Who Ever Knew That You Could Learn About Arabs In The South Coast Of China?

The 1001 Inventions Exhibition Project Macao Science Centre explores the Golden Age of Arab Science.

by Staff Reporter


Who were the first Arab men to be photographed?

From sultans to playboys, doctor to shawarma shop owners and terrorist Arab men are seen in very specific ways in today’s media. But how were Arab men first portrayed in front of the camera? Watch our video and get the full story in our culture section.

Lifestyle 21 March 2019

Happy Mother's Day to all The Arab Mammas throughout history

Check out these 15 beautiful portraits of Arab mothers over the last century.

by Staff Reporter

Culture 20 March 2019

#MyBaghdad: Photos of a great city that you should see

University student Sumaya Al-Naqshabandy documents the history of Baghdad through its architecture on Instagram.

by Maan Jalal

Culture 19 March 2019

Five Arab women challenging the narrative

Politicians, doctors and humanitarians. Here’s our list of Arab women risking a lot to better the lives of people around them.

by Ayesha Ifteqar

Lifestyle 21 February 2019

600 e-Scooters will launch in Dubai

KIWIride e-Scooters are especially designed for the hot conditions of the Middle East.

by Staff Reporter

Culture 19 February 2019

10 Graphic Novels Based in the Arab World

Visual, literary, fiction, non-fiction – it’s all good story telling when they are real stories.

by Ayesha Ifteqar and Staff Writer

Lifestyle 19 February 2019

Six Influential Arab Architects Who Aren’t Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid's work is synonymous with innovation but we have to ask who were the other great Arab architects from recent history?

by Ennis Jalal

Entertainment 17 February 2019

Danny Aridi/ “We’re more alike than we are different”

The singer and songwriter released a new music video on Valentines Day and we are in love with it.

by Lara Baker

Culture 14 February 2019

The Arab National Flowers You Never knew existed

Find out which Arab countries have a national flower, what the flower is and why they were chosen.

by Ayesha Ifteqar

Entertainment 14 February 2019

12 Valentines Day posts that had us lol, Aww and shook!

We collected the best posts to keep you entertained no matter how you're choosing to celebrate (or not celebrate) the day of love.

by Staff Reporter

Culture 11 February 2019

Mary Mounib: A pioneer in Egyptian cinema is honoured with a Google Doodle

The iconic Egyptian comedic actress was in over 100 films and 60 plays through out her 53-year career.

by Staff Writer

Entertainment 11 February 2019

I watched the Aladdin Trailer and I don't know what's going on

The live action trailer has received backlash online – why? It’s more than just Will Smith looking a little too blue.

by Maán Jalal

Food 10 February 2019

Olive The Facts: Five things you should know about the Arab worlds favorite little fruit

It’s on your pizza and salads. It’s in your martini. It may even be in your shampoo.

by Ayesha Ifteqar

Entertainment 6 February 2019

+Aziz / “I like rock because it compliments my anti-traditionalist ethos”

Introducing Kuwaisiana, the indie rock band with a world music sound that's infusing rock music, new Orleanian jazz and Khaliji music in mind bending ways.

by Maán Jalal

Entertainment 5 February 2019

Everything you need to know about Nadine Labaki’s Journey

The first female Lebanese director to be nominated for an Oscar is changing the Arab narrative.

by Ayesha Ifteqar and Staff Writer

Culture 4 February 2019

Pope Francis makes a historic visit to the UAE

Pope Francis visit the Arabian Peninsula for the first time to attend inter-religious talks.

by Staff Reporter

Fashion 3 February 2019

Do you want a creative future?

The Creative Futures Forum in Saudi Arabia has begun and we are loving what it's all about!

by Staff Reporter

Entertainment 1 February 2019

Mariah Carey performs in Saudi Arabia!

Mimi is the highest profile star to ever have a concert in the Kingdom despite backlash and criticism from activists.

by Lulu Baker

Entertainment 30 January 2019

Exclusive variant for DC comics #1000 issue will be sold in the UAE

Comic Stop, a local comic book store in the UAE will be exclusively selling The Detective Comics #1000 with a special cover.

by Staff Reporter

Culture 29 January 2019

The Polish Community of Iraq? Here’s what we know

After leaving the Soviet gulags in 1942, many Polish soldiers and civilians settled in Iraq.

by Staff Reporter

Entertainment 27 January 2019

Amal Waqar: “We need more visibility"

Oud player, composer and activist Amal Waqar talks to us about Arab identity, the coloration between jazz and khaleeji music and how the oud found her.

by Maán Jalal

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