Culture 15 May 2019

10 Facts you didn't know about Sudan

Rich in history, diversity and culture here's what you should know about Sudan.

By Saleh Mustafa-Kamil

Culture 19 May 2019

Icelandic band Hatari raises pro Palestine banner during Eurovision

Eurovision organizers may punish Iceland for live on camera protest.

By Staff Reporter


Have you traveled around the Arab world recently? Send us your footage!

This is a view of the Jabal Moussa Biosphere Reserve in Lebanon. Located in the Keserwan District of Lebanon, the nature reserve overlooks the Mediterranean Sea to the West and is on the shoulders of the western slopes of Mount Lebanon covering an area of 6,500 hectares!

Lifestyle 18 February 2018

Five Arab Design studios you should follow on Instagram right now

Time to fill your Instagram newsfeed with the inspiring work of these amazing Arab Design studios.

By Sophia Altiman

Opinion 15 February 2018

Sunni or Shia? Why We Shouldn’t Answer this Question

Why the very real issue of sectarianism in the Arab world needs to be a non issue.

By Maan Jalal

Food 14 February 2018

Zahra Abdalla / "My food is a representation of my identity"

Learn all about food fusion and modern Middle Eastern cuisine from food stylist and blogger Zahra Abdalla.

By Omar Ali Talab

Culture 12 February 2018

Five Arabic words that mean more than you realise

You'll be surprised at the source and influence these Arabic words have.

By Ennis Jalal

Food 12 February 2018

Tadmur Cafeteria: Chai Karak, Chicken Sukka and Chips Oman sandwiches

Food illustrator and writer Yasra Khoker explored street cafe culture in the UAE and one particular spot that serves at least 500 cups of Chai Karak a day.

By Yasra Khoker

Opinion 10 February 2018

Stop calling me an Arab. I’m just a girl, standing in front of a salad, asking it to be a cookie.

How do you define contemporary Arabness? In fact, is it even a necessary label? Hang on, can we stop with the label each other thing?

By Amira Kabbiz

Culture 6 February 2018

See the works of the eight Artists shortlisted for Jameel Prize 5

Eight finalists have been shortlisted for the £25,000 prize, which is awarded every two years by Art Jameel and the Victoria & Albert Museum.

By Maan Jalal

Food 5 February 2018

Za’atar Poached Eggs / Recipe

Fitness trainer and teacher Nilma gives us the best recipe to give your day a boost of yumminess.

By Nilma

Culture 3 February 2018

Mornings in Jenin by Susan Abulhawa / Book Review

The multi generational story that helped revolutionize Arab literature is also one of the first mainstream novels in English to explore life in post-1948 Palestine.

By Adeeb Nami

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