600 e-Scooters will launch in Dubai

KIWIride e-Scooters are especially designed for the hot conditions of the Middle East

by Staff Reporter

Lifestyle 21 February 2019

The future has been here for a while. With just a few taps on our smartphones we can find and do almost everything. And now our smartphones can help us decrease our carbon footprint in a fun, social and practical way with just a tap on an app!

KIWIride, the first brand to provide an electric scooter-sharing platform in the GCC, will launch in Dubai this month. Basically there will be 600 e-scooters available through an app for residents and tourists to use in the streets of Dubai. KIWIride e-scooters are specifically designed and produced for the weather of the region – particularly the heat. With impressive battery power (up to 45 km on full charge), no matter what the temperature is outside, the e-scooters are ideal for short distance travel.

How to use the KIWIride app

Not only will the e-scooters help people in the GCC with affordable mobility but they’ll also decrease dependency on the use of cars for short distance travel. That means less traffic and reducing carbon footprint – super important. Also, they are fun! And in case you were wondering, no you don’t need to have a license to ride a scooter – you only need to be over 14-years-old and follow the safety guidelines outlined in the app.


KIWIride is available now and can be downloaded from: Google Play AppStore

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