What is The Arab Edition?
The Arab Edition is a new interactive online news portal covering arts, culture, fashion, lifestyle, food, fiction, creative non-fiction, social and humanitarian issues centered around Arabs living across the world.


Why does The Arab Edition exist?
Over the last few years, it has become apparent that Arabs, regardless of religion, sect or nationality, aren’t being fairly depicted in the mainstream media. So, we decided to take control of our own stories. Arabs are a diverse range of people, originating from approximately 22 Arab states in the Middle East and North Africa. There is also a significant population of Arabs living in large communities around the world, proving that we don’t have just one story. We have a multitude of stories and traditions, rich cultures and histories, meaningful experiences and huge successes that need to be celebrated and shared. This is why The Arab Edition exists.


What The Arab Edition needs . . .
The Arab Edition is looking for writers, illustrators, bloggers, photographers, videographers, documentary filmmakers, YouTubers and anyone with a story to share. The Arab Edition wants you to contribute your perspective whether it be through reviews, short stories, excerpts from novels, op-eds, interviews, essays or any other forms of story telling. We are interested in pieces you might have already created or pieces you want to pitch to us. The floor is yours. Email us back with what you want to contribute and how you intend on doing so.


How do you contribute to The Arab Edition?
If you want to offer The Arab Edition a contribution you should consider which section you would most likely be interested in and send us a pitch of your proposed idea. Our commissioning editor will then review your pitch and contact you informing you what your next steps need to be. Note: written articles featured on The Arab Edition will be between 600 – 700 words. Longer pieces must be agreed on with the commissioning editor.


What do you receive as a contributor to The Arab Edition?
The Arab Edition will ensure that your story will be posted on a number of social media accounts and shared online for maximum visibility. It’s vital for us to highlight our contributors and therefore, your name and social media accounts will be included along with your bio, to your piece.


How does The Arab Edition work?
The Arab Edition is run and based on a network of volunteers who believe in its long-term mission and vision. It’s also important for you to note that The Arab Edition is an apolitical space. Our interests lie in social issues, humanitarian causes and arts, culture, entertainment and lifestyle. There are no rules in The Arab Edition in terms of what and how much you can contribute. The only rule is that the words and stories you send us are authentically yours.


What else should you know?
The Arab Edition is about taking back the narrative and taking ownership of our own stories and what it means to be an Arab at the present time, regardless of your location. It’s about the voices of the many, transcribing and detailing individual experiences as Arabs and sharing that experience with the world. The Arab Edition aims to entertain, inform, enlighten, inspire, aspire and celebrate through the power of story.

So, what are you waiting for? The Arab Edition invites you to tell us your story so we can share it with the world. Contact us and fill out the form below.

The Arab Edition is a shared space giving Arabs the opportunity to take back the narrative. Creating, curating and sharing content we want you to own your stories, learn about our history, present and future regardless of your location. The Arab Edition aims to entertain, inform, enlighten, inspire, aspire and celebrate through the power of story.

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