Entertainment 6 February 2019

+Aziz / “I like rock because it compliments my anti-traditionalist ethos”

Introducing Kuwaisiana, the indie rock band with a world music sound that's infusing rock music, new Orleanian jazz and Khaliji music in mind bending ways.

By Maán Jalal

Entertainment 5 February 2019

Everything you need to know about Nadine Labaki’s Journey

The first female Lebanese director to be nominated for an Oscar is changing the Arab narrative.

By Ayesha Ifteqar and Staff Writer

Entertainment 1 February 2019

Mariah Carey performs in Saudi Arabia!

Mimi is the highest profile star to ever have a concert in the Kingdom despite backlash and criticism from activists.

By Lulu Baker

Entertainment 30 January 2019

Exclusive variant for DC comics #1000 issue will be sold in the UAE

Comic Stop, a local comic book store in the UAE will be exclusively selling The Detective Comics #1000 with a special cover.

By Staff Reporter

Entertainment 27 January 2019

Amal Waqar: “We need more visibility"

Oud player, composer and activist Amal Waqar talks to us about Arab identity, the coloration between jazz and khaleeji music and how the oud found her.

By Maán Jalal

Culture 21 January 2019

Hisham Fahmy / “We need more Arab translators who are passionate about pop fiction”

Literary Translator Hisham Fahmy talks to us about translating the Game of Thrones series and the importance of pop fiction in the Arab world.

By Maán Jalal

Entertainment 14 January 2019

Keeping Our Eye on Rami

Here are five facts about Rami Malek that you need to know (but you probably already do).

By Staff Reporter

Entertainment 10 August 2018

What should an Arab superhero look like?

CNN’s Inside the Middle East delves into the region’s comic book community in search for the changing face of Arab comic book heroes.

By CNN’s Inside the Middle East / The Arab Edition

Entertainment 7 August 2018

Fourteen Arab Rappers you should know

Who are the Arab rappers shaping the landscape of Arab hip-hop? No matter what language, dialect and style they rap in these are the Arab rappers whose voices are making a change.

By Staff Reporter

Culture 17 June 2018

Celebrating the life and work of Director Moustapha Akkad

With the re-release of the iconic and controversial film The Message in the Arab world we take a closer look at the revolutionary Syrian director and producer with these five facts.

By Shereen Hafidh

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