Entertainment 12 May 2019

The Prince of Egypt is turning into a musical

Mark your calendars, there can be miracles and we do believe!

By Staff Reporter

Entertainment 8 May 2019

Nouri / "I know what I want and I know who I am"

Nouri is the girl you need to know. The singer and songwriter is destined to make her mark on the international music scene.

By Maán Jalal

Entertainment 28 April 2019

Asfalt / "Our main supporters are Arabs. Thanks to them, we are still making music"

Ibrahim Farouk and Mohamed Gadare the Egyptian hip-hop duo making you re-think rap in Arabic.

By Maán Jalal

Entertainment 25 April 2019

Rami Malek is the James Bond villain we need

It may not be officially confirmed but it's confirmed to us. Rami Malek will be the next James Bond villain!

By Staff Reporter

Entertainment 24 April 2019

You need to watch Ramy. Now.

Here are our initial thoughts on the 10-episode comedy series about a millennial Egyptian American Muslim that's long overdue.

By Maán Jalal

Entertainment 21 April 2019

Cosplayers of the Arab World

Meet the Arab Cosplaying community at MEFCC and find out why dressing up in character helps you be yourself.

By Maán Jalal

Entertainment 25 March 2019

Mo Salah hosts a kids’ press conference in Dubai

What would you ask a football superstar? These children knew exactly what to ask!

By Staff Reporter

Entertainment 17 February 2019

Danny Aridi/ “We’re more alike than we are different”

The singer and songwriter released a new music video on Valentines Day and we are in love with it.

By Lara Baker

Entertainment 14 February 2019

12 Valentines Day posts that had us lol, Aww and shook!

We collected the best posts to keep you entertained no matter how you're choosing to celebrate (or not celebrate) the day of love.

By Staff Reporter

Entertainment 11 February 2019

I watched the Aladdin Trailer and I don't know what's going on

The live action trailer has received backlash online – why? It’s more than just Will Smith looking a little too blue.

By Maán Jalal

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