Culture 19 March 2019

Five Arab women challenging the narrative

Politicians, doctors and humanitarians. Here’s our list of Arab women risking a lot to better the lives of people around them.

By Ayesha Ifteqar

Culture 11 February 2019

Mary Mounib: A pioneer in Egyptian cinema is honoured with a Google Doodle

The iconic Egyptian comedic actress was in over 100 films and 60 plays through out her 53-year career.

By Staff Writer

Culture 4 February 2019

Pope Francis makes a historic visit to the UAE

Pope Francis visit the Arabian Peninsula for the first time to attend inter-religious talks.

By Staff Reporter

Culture 29 January 2019

The Polish Community of Iraq? Here’s what we know

After leaving the Soviet gulags in 1942, many Polish soldiers and civilians settled in Iraq.

By Staff Reporter

Culture 25 January 2019

From Ibb to Sanaa - Road Tripping in Yemen

Instagram photographer Bashayer Ali took a road trip through Yemen and here’s what she photographed.

By Staff Reporter

Culture 21 January 2019

Hisham Fahmy / “We need more Arab translators who are passionate about pop fiction”

Literary Translator Hisham Fahmy talks to us about translating the Game of Thrones series and the importance of pop fiction in the Arab world.

By Maán Jalal

Culture 17 June 2018

M'hamed Issiakhem’s Most Stunning Paintings

The father of modern art in Algeria was a prolific painter whose work influenced a whole generation of Arab artists.

By Staff Reporter

Culture 17 June 2018

Celebrating the life and work of Director Moustapha Akkad

With the re-release of the iconic and controversial film The Message in the Arab world we take a closer look at the revolutionary Syrian director and producer with these five facts.

By Shereen Hafidh

Culture 11 June 2018

An Arab divorce can be damaging but here’s what I learnt

Nadia Amer shares her experience of coming from a broken home, what she learnt about the layers of divorce and asks the question – why are Arabs afraid of the big D?

By Nadia Amer

Culture 29 May 2018

Five facts about Egyptian Novelist Radwa Ashour

Novelist, translator, academic and activist here's, what you need to know about Radwa Ashour and her work.

By Shereen Hafidh

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