Lifestyle 30 June 2019

ON LOCATION: A Peacock in Dubai

Check out this video of a Peacock strolling near Dubai’s International Financial District.

By Staff Reporter

Lifestyle 17 June 2019

On Location: A View The Mediterranean Coast From Mahdia, Tunisia

Did you know that the coastal city once served as a base for pirates?

By Staff Reporter

Lifestyle 1 June 2019

On Location: A View Of The Tigris River

Did you know that the Tigris River is 1,750 km long and is mentioned twice in the Old Testament?

By Staff Reporter

Lifestyle 27 May 2019

The Kuwait You Didn’t Know In 10 Photos

Have you ever considered taking a trip to Kuwait? Nadia Amer shares a few top travel tips.

By Nadia Amer

Culture 23 May 2019

Who Ever Knew That You Could Learn About Arabs In The South Coast Of China?

The 1001 Inventions Exhibition Project Macao Science Centre explores the Golden Age of Arab Science.

By Staff Reporter

Culture 15 May 2019

10 Facts you didn't know about Sudan

Rich in history, diversity and culture here's what you should know about Sudan.

By Saleh Mustafa-Kamil

Lifestyle 12 May 2019

Egypt to plant 100 million Olive Trees

The ambitious plan will have major economical and environmental benefits.

By Staff Reporter

Culture 24 April 2019

Guggenheim Abu Dhabi: Progress Update

Set to open in 2022, The Frank Gehry designed building will house a global collection of art.

By Staff Reporter

Entertainment 21 April 2019

Cosplayers of the Arab World

Meet the Arab Cosplaying community at MEFCC and find out why dressing up in character helps you be yourself.

By Maán Jalal

Culture 1 April 2019

Egyptian designer whose work went viral says Arabic is “part of who we are"

Mahmoud Tammam’s illustrations took the Arab world by storm and are making us re-think how Arabic should exist in the modern world.

By Maan Jalal

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