Lifestyle 21 February 2019

600 e-Scooters will launch in Dubai

KIWIride e-Scooters are especially designed for the hot conditions of the Middle East.

By Staff Reporter

Lifestyle 19 February 2019

Six Influential Arab Architects Who Aren’t Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid's work is synonymous with innovation but we have to ask who were the other great Arab architects from recent history?

By Ennis Jalal

Fashion 3 February 2019

Do you want a creative future?

The Creative Futures Forum in Saudi Arabia has begun and we are loving what it's all about!

By Staff Reporter

Culture 17 June 2018

M'hamed Issiakhem’s Most Stunning Paintings

The father of modern art in Algeria was a prolific painter whose work influenced a whole generation of Arab artists.

By Staff Reporter

Lifestyle 14 June 2018

Ten Instagram accounts about the Arab world you should follow

Follow these Instagram accounts and learn more about the visual and hidden history of the Arab world.

By Staff Writer

Culture 20 May 2018

Balqis Al Rashed / "I find labels to be limiting"

The self and the perception of the self, art and the artists, criticism and conversation, Balqis Al Rashed is a Saudi woman with something to say.

By Omar Al Aghbari

Lifestyle 23 April 2018

Five pieces we want to own from the upcoming Orientalist Sale at Sotheby's

Find out why any one of these pieces would make a superb addition to your art collection.

By Sally Otman

Lifestyle 18 February 2018

Five Arab Design studios you should follow on Instagram right now

Time to fill your Instagram newsfeed with the inspiring work of these amazing Arab Design studios.

By Sophia Altiman

Lifestyle 4 February 2018

#MyBaghdad: Photos of a great city that you should see

University student Sumaya Al-Naqshabandy documents the history of Baghdad through its architecture on Instagram.

By Maan Jalal

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