Culture 24 June 2019

Why Are Shoes So Offensive In Arab Culture?

The recent incident with Bella Hadid had us thinking about shoes and the interesting history of shoeing.

by Staff Reporter

Culture 10 June 2019

Arabs Have A Lot To Celebrate

There have been some amazing wins for Arabs over the last few weeks - and we have their stories.

by The Arab Edition Team


While we stand with Sudan and recognise that something needs to be done about the atrocities happening there right now, we want to remind you that the Sudan is more than a country that is currently rattled with violence.

Sudan is rich in history, diversity and culture, that needs to be preserved for her people and the world. Watch or video to learn a few facts about Sudan.

Entertainment 1 July 2019

Mike Tyson And The Mountain Are Starring In An Egyptian Film

We take a close look at the use of sensationalism, copying films and other unfortunate traits in Arab movies and shows

by Sulaiman Adam

Lifestyle 30 June 2019

ON LOCATION: A Peacock in Dubai

Check out this video of a Peacock strolling near Dubai’s International Financial District.

by Staff Reporter

Culture 29 June 2019

The Arab National Flowers You Never knew existed

Find out which Arab countries have a national flower, what the flower is and why they were chosen.

by Ayesha Ifteqar

Culture 20 June 2019

Who Were The Arab "Fathers" That Changed The World?

On this Father's Day learn about the Arab men who earned the title "father of".

by Omar Aghbari

Lifestyle 17 June 2019

On Location: A View The Mediterranean Coast From Mahdia, Tunisia

Did you know that the coastal city once served as a base for pirates?

by Staff Reporter

Fashion 15 June 2019

Fashion Icon Michèle Lamy And Husband Designer Rick Owens Were In Egypt

Fashion icon Michèle Lamy’s candid photo in the market by Youssef Nabil has us thinking!

by Leen Altiman

Entertainment 13 June 2019

Kylie Minogue Is Performing At The Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens

One of the Middle East’s biggest sporting events is celebrating its 50th Anniversary.

by Staff Reporter

Culture 10 June 2019

Arabs Have A Lot To Celebrate

There have been some amazing wins for Arabs over the last few weeks - and we have their stories.

by The Arab Edition Team

Entertainment 10 June 2019

Footloose: The Musical Is Coming to Abu Dhabi!

The Abu Dhabi Choral Group is bringing the 80’s classic to the stage at NYU Abu Dhabi and we have an exclusive video of their practices!

by Staff Reporter

Culture 5 June 2019

On Location: Eid In Sicily

Journalist Marta Bellingreri reports on Eid al-fitr in Palermo where Arabs make up an integral part of the community.

by Marta Bellingreri

Culture 3 June 2019

Eid Mubarak From All Of Us To All Of You

ON LOCATION: Watch the last few seconds of Ramada in Dubai and read out special Eid message.

by The Arab Edition Team

Culture 3 June 2019

Mo Salah Celebrates Victory With Liverpool Fans!

While Liverpool celebrate historic win a study is released showing the positive effect Mo Salah has had on Islamophobia.

by Staff Reporter

Culture 1 June 2019

Egyptian Adventurer Omar Samra Named 2020 Goodwill Ambassador Of Nepal

The Egyptian adventurer has a long list of achievements and firsts but this one is pretty cool!

by Staff Reporter

Lifestyle 1 June 2019

On Location: A View Of The Tigris River

Did you know that the Tigris River is 1,750 km long and is mentioned twice in the Old Testament?

by Staff Reporter

Entertainment 31 May 2019

18 Iconic Moments From Egyptian Legend Sherihan's Fawazeer Ramadan Intro

The show was iconic, the clothes out of this world, the woman - legendary.

by Maán Jalal

Lifestyle 27 May 2019

The Kuwait You Didn’t Know In 10 Photos

Have you ever considered taking a trip to Kuwait? Nadia Amer shares a few top travel tips.

by Nadia Amer

Entertainment 27 May 2019

Netflix is creating a series based on the novels of Egyptian author Ahmed Khaled Tawfik

Find out about the new series, Paranormal and the huge task the talented, established team will face when to creating it.

by Staff Reporter

Entertainment 26 May 2019

Moroccan Issam Harris signs the biggest deal ever for any Arab artist with Universal France

The Moroccan rapper’s music video for his single Trap Beldi has over 10 million views on YouTube.

by Staff Reporter

Entertainment 25 May 2019

Icelandic Band Harari Release Music Video Featuring Palestinian Artist Bashar Murad

The single titled KLEFI / SAMED (صامد) was released after the band's live protest during the Eurovision contest. Check out the video here!

by Staff Reporter

Culture 24 May 2019

Two Arab Women Make Time's '10 Next Generation Leaders 2019’ List

Meet the singer and boxer who are shattering perceptions and inspiring a whole generation by being themselves.

by Staff Reporter

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