How Queen Rania Gets less is more and Why You Need to as well

Let’s be honest, we all have a tendency to be a little extra so why not learn the art of reeling it back from the Queen of style herself

Images supplied from Her Highness Queen Rania's Instagram page

by Sophia Altiman

Fashion 20 February 2018

Can we be honest with each other? Now, this isn’t a criticism (well it is a bit), and I really shouldn’t be saying this since I’m a little guilty of the tendency I’m about to describe (by a little, I mean a lot) but we Arabs have a knack to be a slightly extra. OK it’s more than just slightly.

Wedding you say? Glam squad, ready, evening dress steamed. Girls night out? Glam squad, ready, evening dress steamed. Movie at a friend’s house? Glam squad, ready, evening dress steamed. Hit the beach? Glam squad, ready, evening dress bikini steamed.

There’s nothing wrong with some contouring, hair teasing, hair spraying – did someone say sequins? Yes, turn me into a disco ball. Animal prints? Drape me . . . Velvet? Cover me!

Minimalism hasn’t really been part of our genetic fashion make up but being lavish and blinged up has a long and lustrous history in Arab fashion and style. And although it’s the aim to be a bit much, being a bit much can be a bit too much sometimes or all the time. Often or not we will find ourselves teetering on the edge of vulgarity only to dive into a pool of sequins head first and emerge out feeling fabulous. And then, we see photos of ourselves a few years later and ask, ‘what was I thinking?’

Despite the temptation, I need to tell you that it’s not always a good idea to look like a Real Housewife (insert your favourite franchise here). I don’t think the solution is to absolve our tendency for the bright and sparkly, but to be aware that there are more ways to develop our personal style.It’s been hard but sometimes we need to know when to put the hair spray down and the sequinned trousers back in the closet before we go grocery shopping.

Over the last few decades Arab women have really embraced the idea of being casual but not looking as though they’ve just rolled out of bed. And that doesn’t mean wearing stylish yoga and gym wear out and about. Please don’t do that.

It’s a fine art, it’s a balance to really pull off that casual chic look from head to toe, effortlessly, in a way that can translate from day to night and in some cases back to day again. We need some style inspiration.

Queen Rania, whose style we can’t ever fault is one of those Arab icons who has definitely nailed the idea of casual chic. So, if you need some inspiration here are our six favourite casual chic looks straight form her highness’s Instagram

One of the most powerful things a woman can own (other than an education and a good lipstick) is a pair of fitted dark denim jeans. It takes versatility to a new level. A good pair of denim jeans is fifty percent of what can make the perfect casual chic look. The other fifty percent is paring it appropriately, like in this example, with a piece that is sculptural, feminine, simple yet daring with the exposed zip and the oversized tan belt.

This is so easy and works so well. It’s all about bringing different elements together but making them cohesive. A tailored oversized collared shirt (any colour but keep it plain or pastel) fitted slightly washed denims and thin belt – casual chic perfection.

Little details to otherwise plain silhouette and shapes can add femininity and texture (frills on a closed neck collar or oversized pockets on skirt)– not too much just enough

Sophia Altiman is a fashion reporter obsessed with bold silhouettes, reinterpreting classics and isn’t afraid of a little leopard.  She is currently on a quest to find the perfect pistachio flavoured ice cream.

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