* There is a line of Batelec and Water District

Then she grabbed my hand and whispered that I’m supposed to be watching the movie. So, I watched the rest of it. I’m not really impressed it just stretched the imagination..

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? 4,058,000 – Lipa Batangas

DIAMOND HEIGHTS Subdivision Lipa City:

Located in Barangay Latag, Lipa City

* Just 5 minutes away from Lipa City Proper, Lipa City Colleges, Puregold and Cathedral Church
* 10 minutes away from SM City Lipa and Lipa City Hall
* 120 * Only one Contractor works so sure of the durability of your house visit the home you bought

with TITLE every block and lot
* YOUR home is WARRANTY * Complete Finished the TURN OVER of the house. * There is a line of Batelec and Water District
* Complete Amenities / 24 hour security, wide concrete road, perimeter fence, swimming pool, tennis court, basketball court, childrens playground, clubhouse and water tank
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