* The trainee gets a certificate from the University of Ain

Pour viter de retomber dans un tel travers, une vritable politique sportive est en train d’tre instaure l’AJA, sous l’gide de Cdric Daury. “Le projet est trs clairement dfini, on veut redorer le blason de la formation”, affirme le directeur sportif. Ce projet a t confi Bernard David.

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Certified by the Academy of the future free of charge. * The trainee gets a specialized diploma that is chosen for free
(Accounting – Human Development – Social Media – Hacker Bursa)
Grant period: 6 months inclusive Training and study of 4 courses
Address: 48 Sherif Street – El Safa Tower – In Front Of McDonald’s
Above Kafi Al Hosn – Third Floor…. Hermes Replica Belts

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