Richard Serra, whose massive steel sculptures are also seen

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< Barley Extract provides moisture to the skin, protects the skin from dryness, reefs, gives skin a smooth, soft, fullness. ????Application:
Deep, soften skin
Skin care, white, dusky every day
Soothing, anti-inflammatory, improve the condition of acne, acne
Smooth skin, reduce rough on the surface
shrink Long legs
Firming, anti-aging

????In addition, rose water also has the following advantages:
Restore, soothe the skin, bring fresh feeling Cool
water, quick penetration, not oily

All skin types, allergy, especially skin problems acne, sensitive skin Sensitive Ingredient: Natural Barley Extract

????Instruction for use:
– Enough amount on palm or cotton remover, apply evenly over face Before going to sleep or before makeup – Extract to spray bottle, you will have a bottle of mineral spray can use whenever you feel dry skin. – After bath can use like body care, apply throughout the body.

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