Like your righteous worshipers

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Between us and him

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Peace be upon you. Forgiveness and satisfaction from you. We do not meet you. The need: The prayer is two rak’ahs, in which the slave turns to Allaah, and this is done by means of du’aa ‘, supplication and supplication to Allaah. I want to see the voices of the seven heavens, and the light of the vaults of the vineyards, and the owner of all the creatures of the creatures, Whosoever fills his light with the earth and the heavens, and whoever takes everything with knowledge, and counts everything in number, knowing what is past and what is coming, I ask God You are capable of all things, O Lord of the Worlds, O Great, please for every great thing, O Knower, You are in our knowledge, O God, make us all better by what we have repaired. Like your righteous worshipers, and do not tire ourselves into a blink of an eye or less than.

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On Wednesday, Dec. Reception. Sunday, Dec. “Y’ look happy,” Teo says, choosing to dignify the obvious because it is not a commonplace occurrence. Al being happy. He still remembers.

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