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Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is a pious Orthodox Christian, and the President of the Federation of
We really do not have the right to apply a label that he does not have
In the interest of a conclusion, I would humbly offer this
Putin the moderate

What is a moderated? In other words, in this context, someone who exists between two
The Western conservatives stuck in the cold war consider it a ‘Commie’, a socialist agent of the KGB who tries to restore the Soviet Union and destroy the ‘Moral’ West ‘. If only they knew that Russia is DEEPLY more religious than the West…
A good example of a Western misunderstanding is when they jumped on Putin’s recent comment about Lenin’s body and relics
Having listened, I can say that the connotation of his comment was more like ‘What the communists did with Lenin’s body is not a new concept, we Orthodox, venerate the
Putin is right to do

The Bolsheviks took an approach to if you can not beat them, join them
In a way, they understood that no one can be without religion or ideology
In many ways Russian Communism and the Soviet Union were more influenced by orthodoxy than by Marxism; the religious zeal with which they received it, the march and imperial loyalty to their leaders are all something they learned from Tsarist Russia and not from
Unlike the McCarthyites, calling it a Communist, there is also has the Alt-Right, and some conservative factions, who have this fascination for Putin as an ultra-macho man, what they want for their leaders
While Putin is obviously white and heterosexual, and he should be crazy to say he is not hard, he does not support their extremist fascist vision of the
When the Russians thinkTo him, they see him well dressed (not riding on bare-chested bear), leading the country in a responsible, ethical way and
He is the definition of
The so-called “anti- gays “simply prevent homosexuals from spreading, directly or indirectly, perverse sexual lifestyles that are detrimental to the

Putin is strong in the fight against
He is an orthodox Christian practicing in good faith, he talked about crucial role of the Church in Russia, but it does not support the creation of a
The reality is that Russia has much more extreme political views to the left and right of
He talked about very critical of the Bolsheviks, and he is not communist at all, but he does not speak at the same time of Communists as if they were… cheap replica handbags

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