In the face of rising social inequality

This giant country that dreams of traveling to it all. Almost two months after our arrival in America, the pain returned to Yasmin and I took it to Dr. Batini.

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Hermes Replica Belts Excerpts from the speech of the President at the closing ceremony of the National Congress before announcing his candidacy for the presidency of the Arab Republic of Egypt 2018

Over the past years we have passed a period of the finest years in our long history
The real hero in the battle to preserve the state are the Egyptians All the achievements we have achieved on the land of Egypt are achieved with wisdom and alignment of the great people
Register my appreciation for the armed forces, police, intellectuals, scientists, innovators and intellectuals
Register my appreciation for the role of Egyptian women,

The next Presidential Conference is entitled to transparency And I have made every effort to preserve the nation and assure you that I can not stay against your will. Let me announce my candidacy for an upcoming presidential term and I hope that you will show the world the size of your participation in the presidential elections regardless of the choice. If you voted for the president, A photo of the president
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Travel to Islam: What is the traveler leaving for his family before traveling? Before they left two knees to save God and your family and your child and the owner and offer. These are the blessings of God and peace be upon him and then bid farewell to Islam peace be upon you and the mercy of God

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