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At present the population in Morocco is stable and productivity is good with 148 young fledged in 2013, and a total population at the end of the breeding season of 443 individuals (SEO/BirdLife Morocco 2013). In 2014, the total number of birds in Morocco was estimated at 524 individuals, with 115 pairs successfully raising 192 young which went on to fledge (Oubrou and El Bekkay 2014). In 2015 there were 116 pairs, 205 fledglings and 580 birds at the end of the breeding season (Oubrou and El Bekkay 2015).

led billboard 2. Business Details Let people know you are a business owner. If you have a logo for your company, consider including this in the signature line to start the branding process in the readers mind. This is Happy Days meets the Twilight Zone. Lowell was gobbled by the open pit mine, leaving justa segment of Erie Street behind. Instead of drifting into oblivion, a group of volunteers restored the little burg so it reflected a simpler time. led billboard

outdoor led display Facebook twitter google+ emailBrabus unveils its new Mercedes Sprinter based Business Lounge passenger ‘van’ at the Moscow Motor Show Take one Mercedes Sprinter, leave it with tuning house Brabus, and this is what you get: the Brabus Business Lounge.Revealed at the Moscow Motor Show and based on the long wheelbase, high roof Sprinter, from the outside it still looks every inch a van, aside from the 18 inch Monoblock wheels, LED daytime running lights, two new exhausts and a redesigned front bumper. Brabus has really worked its magic inside though, adding four leather trimmed business seats in a face to face arrangement, each of which will recline flat should passengers feel the need to catch up on some sleep. Best panel vans to buyThese seats also feature lumbar support, a massage function, heating, ventilation, and are electrically adjustable, with three position memory function. outdoor led display

led screen Taylor shot 50 percent from the field (8 for 16) and perimeter (3 for 6). He averaging 26.0 points in the first two games of the season. Smith, who also had eight points, has dished out an assist on 42.4 percent of UE baskets while he has been on the floor. led screen

hd led display The iPhone 4 camera shoots gorgeous 5 megapixel photos and stunning HD video. And with its advanced backside illumination sensor, it captures beautiful images even in low light settings. The built in LED flash does double duty. Inside, the R Design continues the tradition of hot Volvos having among the best looking seats on the planet. As a no cost option, these nicely stitched and well bolstered thrones come fitted with suede inserts, which help keep up front passengers planted, and easily display all the detritus of little backseat riders. So, it looks good, but maybe not for long if you have grubby kids.. hd led display

indoor led display Y a eu aussi des signalements de nos publications qui pourtant sont faits dans le respect. Le groupe La Meute encourage aux d dangereuses et il faut surveiller La plupart des personnes qui laissent des insultes sur la page ont affirm faire partie de La Meute et disent avoir appris beaucoup. On aimerait bien des preuves de continue l’administrateur.. indoor led display

Mini Led Display He lumped the track into the batch of 15 songs he pitched for inclusion on the album without telling anyone at first what it was: “I played them first for my wife and some friends. led screen Then I played them for Dan. Everyone liked that song, but I didn’t tell who wrote it or where it came from. Mini Led Display

4k led display Mitch is also Founder, former Chairman and CEO of Super 8 Hotels (China) Co., Ltd, a brand operated in Greater China under master license granted by Wyndham Hotel Group (NYSE: WYN). Mitch brought Super 8 to China in 2004 along with the concept of branded franchised economy hotels. Based public affairs firm. 4k led display

led display Third, Saul gives the detectives a reason to underestimate him. If they think he is so ineffectual his client won even talk to him, they might lower their guard and reveal more information than they originally intended. This is a strategy that younger lawyers (and to be frank women) can use to gain an advantage over their adversaries led display.