Ten Instagram accounts about the Arab world you should follow

Follow these Instagram accounts and learn more about the visual and hidden history of the Arab world

by Staff Writer

Lifestyle 14 June 2018

These days it might seem a little hard for us to find ways to be proud of our Arab heritage and history. This isn’t for a lack of reasons to be proud but more of an absence of platforms where we can discover stories of our past and present. The Arab Edition prides itself as such a platform where readers can discover stories about Arabs from all around the world. But we also wanted to share other accounts and profiles out there on the Insta world that inspire us and will inspire you too.

So we implore you to add some Arab pride to your Instagram newsfeed by following some of our favourite Instagram accounts.

Arabic Typography

By @s.elsayad #foundkhtt

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Run by a number of people @Arabictypography catalogs Arabic lettering from all corners of the world. From signposts, graffiti, old posters, notes on paper and words within architecture @Arabictypography will make you awe at the aesthetic beauty and the versatility of the Arabic language.

Everyday Egypt

One of the most profound accounts we’ve come across, @Everdayegypt posts photographs of everyday life in Egypt by photographers who are from or working within the country. The result is street photography at its finest depicting images of a rich country rarely seen in the mainstream media.

Yahala Studio

When we came across @yahala.studio we knew we’d found something pretty special. The account is dedicated to old images from the Middle East, from Mohamad Ali’s visit to Egypt to photos of the Palestinian Liberation Organization in 1934 and fashion spreads from Arab magazines in the 60s – you won’t get bored.

Iraqi Word

Expand your Arab vocabulary and follow @iraqiword. From everyday slang, obscure words, colloquial terms and phrases all posts include the phonetic spellings as well as definitions.

I Have This Thing With Zelij


Regram @mosqueedeparis #ihavethisthingwithzelij A post shared by I Have This Thing With Zelij (@ihavethisthingwithzelij) on

One of the most visually arresting accounts, @ihavethisthingwithzelij documents and regrams images Zelij or Moroccan mosaic tiles from across Morocco.


Describing themselves as a passport to the past, @zamaaan posts nostalgic images from the Arab world which include great pop culture, social and political moments to intimate portraits of families in the 1920s and university days in the 70s. Their images reference the original owners with pretty detailed captions of what’s going on.

Edge of Arabia

We are completely behind an initiative such as Edge of Arabia. The cultural initiative aims to connect artists and ideas between the Middle East and the Western World. Follow them and learn about Arab artists from all around the world and the amazing work they are creating.

History of Libya

Despite its rich history you’ll find that not many of us know much about Libya. Follow @history_of_libya and learn some interesting facts about the north African country through some pretty incredible images.

Imagining The Holy

A must follow account, @imaginingtheholy is a research project supported by AFAC with images courtesy of National Geographic Society, Archives and Library that depicts some never before seen photographs of Palestine and its people before the occupation with some incredibly detailed captions on the subjects of the photos.

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