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booking form for the serious only to join the

If you want in the two homes, you are more than happy to pray on Muhammad. If you want to accept the invitations, then conclude with prayer on Muhammad. If your sins are not numerous, you will be forgiven by praying over Muhammad.

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————— < > 1- A certificate from the Encyclopedia of Arab African Integration sponsored by the League of Arab States and the African Union Commission> 2 – Certificate from the Oasis of excellence for training and consulting

3 – Carney professional trainer from the Academy of Oasis of excellence for training and consulting

Access to additional funds from universities and international academies with additional charges as desired


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Training from Wednesday to Sunday from 4:30. 8 m

booking form for the serious only to join the contact with them:

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for Egyptians 749 c direct attendance instead of 2500 c

to attend online 999 ?

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