This would be the second year in succession that teachers

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Comment: There is not one mention during this “story” that Allen has a history of such events. It would have been apropos to explain to viewers that Allen wore a confederate pin during high school, displayed it through out college and law school on his car, had it on the wall of his living room until 1992 and once displayed a noose hanging from a ficus tree outside of his office.

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For DeeDee, who will celebrate her birthday today, the rabbit house is a retreat. She says she likes nothing more than sipping homemade wine while watching the rabbits in their pen. This would be the second year in succession that teachers would not receive a raise in pay. A 3 percent proposed increase last year was turned down..

It was during a three week stretch last season that Jefferson emerged as the star in Air Force’s option offense. In a 27 24 loss at Oklahoma, Jefferson rushed 13 times for 96 yards and a touchdown, while completing 8 of 14 passes for another 107 yards.

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