The village issued the boil order after three water pipes

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replica goyard It is not taking the high road. It does not work. Congress, investigative journalists and hackers will eventually reveal the truth, and it will prove even more costly to the company’s tattered reputation (Experts have already predicted the breach will cost Sony nearly $1 billion). Walter Ladalski is among the 1,700 South Chicago Heights water customers who must now boil their water before drinking, bathing, cooking and washing dishes.don want to take any chances you don know what floating in there, said.The village issued the boil order after three water pipes including the main one that sits below the town reservoir burst Tuesday morning. This left homeowners without water for several hours and forced some businesses to shut down until the order is lifted.RELATED: Chicago Area Plumbers Phones Ringing Off The Hook With Continuing Bitter Coldthe weather gets that far below zero, it can cause the water to freeze and [the pipes] rupture, said Catherine Linan, who is aSouth Chicago Heights Village clerk.Three additional pipes froze and burst Wednesday morning.Crews spent the day making repairs.RELATED: How To Protect, Prevent Frozen PipesVillage officials say when water pipes break, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires testing the drinking water for bacteria. While the village took samples Tuesday, the boil order will remain in affect until the results are in.water must be boiled for their own safety and their own concern until the boil water advisory has been lifted, said Nora Martinez Gomez, who is theSouth Chicago Heights Village administrator.. replica goyard

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