The country has other challenges

Time for big spenders


The top end of luxury living is undisturbed by the economic slowdown, and Louis Vuitton luxury watches is a living

THE economy may be sluggish, but big spenders are still
Auction house Christies for example, has made more than US$3 billion (
And then you have The Leading Hotels of The Worlds US$1 million travelling package that jet-sets the well-moneyed in style with private-jet and Rolls Royce to New York, Paris, Hong Kong and Dubai, among other
So it comes as no surprise for luxury label Louis Vuitton that its watches (which range between 6,000 Euros and 100,000 Euros have not been affected by the global economic There is still a strong demand in Asia, being the biggest importer of Swiss luxury watches, said Alain Huy, Louis Vuitton Asia Pacific senior merchandising manager for watches and
Its luxury watch workshop in Switzerland, for instance, can make only 10 to 15 of the Tambour Monogram made-to-order watches a year and it has been busy for the past four years since the watch was launched.

Louis Vuitton started its watchmaking venture in
We may be new, but we are here to last, Huy
We want to keep our watch business private for our clients, who usually, own other luxury watches or buy the timepieces as heirloom for their
From now until year-end, Louis Vuitton is rolling out watches that are more jewellery than utility, befitting their hefty price
The Tambour in Black Automatic Chronometre is the continuation of its Digital Analogue Chronograph, launched in
The new Tambour Silver Dust GMT Automatic Watch with two time zones comes with marine blue alligator leather strap and dazzling silver dust
(Tambour, Huy explained, means drum in
The Emprise Watch, created with Louis Vuitton artistic director Marc Jacobs, is dotted with the brands historic symbols including the coin de malle or the brassware on the corner of LouisVuittons hard
But the creme de la creme among the Louis Vuitton watches remains the Tambour Monogram made-to-order watches, crafted to the exact requirement of the
You pick the gold of the case and the gold of the movement (pink, yellow, white gold or platinum).

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