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Cheap Valentino Handbags Briscoe, who works as a production manager,owned a flatbefore she metBo and had asked about updating her willto ensure her partnerwould inherit. Instead, they’ve sold the property andplantobuy a place together.She and Bo havealready put in place somelegal protection for each other in recent months, combining finances andsetting upbinding nominations for their superannuation accounts.Hacker says binding death nominations, which are separate to a will,usually lastfor three years Cheap Valentino before they haveto be renewed. Some funds can be invalidated by marriage.De facto protectionHackersays is also important for couples in defacto relationships to make awill andestate planthat includesa power of attorney.Sometimes those indefacto relationships can be treated unfairly if one partner dies or is critically ill or injured in the absence of a will and estate plan,she says.A partner in adefacto relationshipmay not be considered next of kin and not included on the death certificate or allowed to make medical decisions on behalf of their partner,she says.That may lead to situations where friends of the couple are asked to sign affidavits stating that they believe the couple were de facto, or the surviving member of the relationship being required to make public details about the relationship that are private or personal.Hacker says marriage automatically invokes these rights.Briscoe says it’s a huge relief to know that marriage will simplify the next of kin rights for health care and end of life decisions.”Obviouslythere’s a massive symbolic significance to the marriage, but it’s also the straightforwardness of the legal situation,” Briscoe says.Those with blendedfamilies, in particular, are likely to find paying alawyer to drawup a willwell worth the money.”The courts are littered with examples of do it yourself wills that have gone wrong”, says Brian Hor, special counsel, superannuation and estate planning at Townsends Business and Corporate Lawyers.”Unless you are a specialist estate planning lawyer,there is a high probability you will get it wrong and simply end up imposing unwarranted anxiety and frustration and legal expense upon your loved ones at the worst possible time for them.”Update willStephen Hardy, national manager of estate planning at Equity Trustees, saysit is important not just to create awill, buttokeepit uptodate.Theconsequences of putting the will in the bottom drawer and forgetting about itcan mean more problems than not having a will at all.For example,in the breakdown of a marriagein most states even when a divorce is finalised, it does not mean the will is necessarily revoked.”If a will has not changed to acknowledge this, then there is the possibility of the former partner having a legal say in how the will is administered,” he says.Hardy knows of cases where marriages have ended acrimoniously and the will has not been changed to reflect this bitter breakdown, with the estranged partner still being the executor and sole beneficiary of the will.Changes to family structureHardy says changes to the structure of a family, and changing dependants, will often require a will to be changed.”The birth of new grandchildren, arrival of stepchildren or half siblings could require a rewording of a will to ensure everyone is treated appropriately,”he says Cheap Valentino Handbags.