Oh God save us from the stray command

Required employees of customer service to work in the company out of source major telecommunications companies
* Salary net and fixed 1400 pounds 150 pounds Monthly incentives on the basis of * Increase of 100 pounds on salary after 6 months of work and 50 pounds after the year > * Health and social insurance from the first month of work
* Free transportation (tourist) to and from the workplace
* 300 minutes and 2 GB Internet on your line for free every month
* High qualification (universities and institutes) Only 4 years old) * * Age up to 32 years only * * To be a housing accommodation in Greater Cairo (basic condition). * Recruitment position is specific for males. * English level of average for good.

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* Wehsan Group for Recruitment: –
– Wanted for major companies in Saudi Arabia – Dammam Company (Azimil) for General Contracting: – – – – Architect (implementation) experience of 3: 5 – Supervisor finishes. Facebook Facebook logo Nqashin. – Carpenter door and window.

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