It wasn’t because the Braves were beginning a playoff series

While these keys are important and relevant philosophies to relationships, I have made some modifications to his list. In addition, I also contributed several of my own thoughts in order to speak more clearly about the personal relationship difficulties you may face on an every day basis. I am convinced that if you consistently apply these principles you will improve your relationships at work and home.. Communication, for the most part, is one way, top to bottom.Stage 2: The Goal Driven CultureA culture in which people are encouraged to achieve common goals. Communication is more dynamic, because goals are being articulated and tied to performance measures.Stage 3: The Values Based CultureA culture in which people make decisions based on shared understanding of what is essential to the company’s success and related performance information. Communication is complex, because people are empowered to make decisions.Stage 4: The Light Speed CultureA culture in which the “we/they” dichotomy dissolves, and everyone is united in a seamless system of communication and performance. Ichiban is a Japanese word which has no equivalent in English. It means “a desire to be the best”. Customer focused organisations exhibit it throughout their ranks.

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