In other words, switch government employees to a 401K systems

The weakness of Muslims

The Islamic Caliphate The fall of the Islamic Caliphate was the result of accumulations and errors throughout the Islamic history, beginning with the sedition that ignited the lights of the hypocrites and Jews, which killed Othman bin Affan and Ali bin Abi Talib and Talha bin Obaid Allah and Zubair bin Awam may Allah be pleased with them, As a result of the collision of the Islamic faith with Persian and Greek philosophies, Muslim speakers defended Islam in a philosophical rather than an Islamic way. They invented the science of speech, which began with isolationism and ended with poetics and matriarchs, as well as Crusader and Mongol invasions, For the Islamic groups working to revive Islamic life and establish the Islamic caliphate, they must be aware of all these factors and know that they will not take one step forward unless they learn the scourge and origin of the disease. Which has made the Islamic nation throughout its history to stumble sometimes and progress at other times which is what the Prophet peace be upon him (love of the world and hatred of death), it was reported in the Sahih Muslim about Abdullah bin Amr bin Aas may Allah be pleased with them: that the Prophet peace be upon him said : If you opened the vaults of Knight and the Romans, What people are you? Abdul Rahman Bin Auf said: We say as God commanded us.

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