I do not know what to do
_ I do not know what to do


Even in your darkest hours, there are lessons to be
Seek blessings in all things; focus your attention on the positive attributes of people and events in your
As you practice being in joy each moment, miracles will occur around
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? 2017 Theresa

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The topic “Real people”
_ Choose a picture or anyone. I do not know what to do
_ I do not know what to do

If the wrong one cut the right. – If through the repair to tell.
– Please report from the post race. 2

Award – 1st prize

2nd prize

close 15/10/60 at 12:00
subject to change

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5D and beyond state of
being a multidimensional master, LOVE IN HUMAN
I LONG for the day when AWARENESS IS IN FULL PLACE amongst HUMANITY, the day when HUMANS need no SAVIOR, NO MASTER TEACHER, no CHANELLED ENTITY, no person standing out front NO WISE
That we go from polarity to DUALITY RE TURNING TO
I LONG for the day When HUMAN accept and see that they are CO CREATOR with SOURCE, ALL AND ONE WITH THE ALL
NOW Take these vibrations of pure LOVE, and carry them with
Perform this SPI Imagine yourself walking up to GOD and removing a MASK and to your surprise you see you own face behind the
You are
See that energetically you overstand that we are all ONE as you shift you Create a space for all HUMANITY to vibrate
So now let’s vibrate HIGHER so we untrap ourselves from the TIME CONTINUUM from INCARNATING OVER AND OVER AGAIN, because we did not learn our self imposed lessons our contractual
Love for that is your HIghest Shawn Pereira
The Re Turn Council Of The All Expanding. replica Purse

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This is the future scenario of the United States and Western Europe where Moslems are infiltrating and planning to take over the majority role of each nation in which they reside, as they did in
Once the United States and the United Kingdom implant enough diversity to insure general and incipient chaos within the streets on a regular basis, as is seen already in Northern Ireland and will soon take over the rest of Wales, Scotland, and England, the United Kingdom will step forward to announce, when the time is precisely ripe, that, because the people cannot get along, the government is issuing sweeping reforms designed to achieve domestic
In the United States, this is approaching at an amazing speed, and the tyranny which is already in place with the peaceful takeover and control of NEWS by Semitic communists for the past 90 years, headquartered mostly in New York City from which the Soviet Union was masterminded and offered solace and wealth for many years, the Sovietization of a Tito America will be instantly possible and immediately erected upon the corpse of the once proud Aryan nation of white
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