Culture 14 January 2019

Keeping Our Eye on Rami

Here are five facts about Rami Malek that you need to know (but you probably already do).

By Staff Reporter

Culture 10 August 2018

What should an Arab superhero look like?

CNN’s Inside the Middle East delves into the region’s comic book community in search for the changing face of Arab comic book heroes.

By CNN’s Inside the Middle East / The Arab Edition

Culture 7 August 2018

Fourteen Arab Rappers you should know

Who are the Arab rappers shaping the landscape of Arab hip-hop? No matter what language, dialect and style they rap in these are the Arab rappers whose voices are making a change.

By Staff Reporter

Culture 17 June 2018

M'hamed Issiakhem’s Most Stunning Paintings

The father of modern art in Algeria was a prolific painter whose work influenced a whole generation of Arab artists.

By Staff Reporter

Culture 17 June 2018

Celebrating the life and work of Director Moustapha Akkad

With the re-release of the iconic and controversial film The Message in the Arab world we take a closer look at the revolutionary Syrian director and producer with these five facts.

By Shereen Hafidh

Culture 29 May 2018

Five facts about Egyptian Novelist Radwa Ashour

Novelist, translator, academic and activist here's, what you need to know about Radwa Ashour and her work.

By Shereen Hafidh

Culture 27 May 2018

Notes on the Flesh / Book Review

Kuwaiti writer Shahd Alshammari's collection of short stories Notes on the Flesh is a raw and brave exploration of Middle Eastern life.

By Hananah Zaheer

Culture 20 May 2018

Balqis Al Rashed / "I find labels to be limiting"

The self and the perception of the self, art and the artists, criticism and conversation, Balqis Al Rashed is a Saudi woman with something to say.

By Maán Jalal

Culture 30 April 2018

Salt Houses / Book Review

World politics is the backdrop of this epic novel while understanding family dynamics is at it's heart. Have you read Salt Houses by Hala Alyan yet?

By Tima Alhaddad

Culture 24 April 2018

Dima Wannous / "Contemporary Arabic literature is going through a new creative experience"

Dima Wanness discusses the fear of fear in her IPAF nominated novel The Frightened Ones.

By Maan Jalal / Translation: Ennis Jalal

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