Rami Malek is the James Bond villain we need

It may not be officially confirmed but it's confirmed to us. Rami Malek will be the next James Bond villain!

Academy Award Winning actor Rami Malek joins the cast of #BOND25

by Staff Reporter

Entertainment 25 April 2019

We felt it in our bones, we were hoping it was true and today we got confirmation!

Rami Malek is will part of the next James Bond film.

The people behind the new Bond (with the working title Bond 25) have announced the full cast and exciting details of the next installment.

The news was announced via the official James Bond Twitter account which has been posting teasing images of the location of where the live announcement will be taking place.

The location for the live reveal was Golden Eye, author Ian Fleming’s Jamaican villa where he wrote all 13 of the original Bond novels. The villa looks amazing by the way.

The live announcement included:

Director: Cary Joji Fukunaga

Writers of the script: Neal Purvis, Robert Wade, Scott Z. Burns and Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

Locations of where the story will be set: Jamaica, Norway, London and Italy.

And the cast.

The returning cast include Daniel Craig as James Bond, Ralph Fiennes as M, Rory Kinnear as Tanner, Ben Wishaw as Q, Naomie Harris as Moneypenny, Léa Seydoux as Dr Madeleine Swann and Jeffrey Wright as Felix Leiter.

New cast members include a lot of new faces. Billy Magnussen, Ana De Armas, David Dencik, Lashana Lynch and Dali Benssalah.

And of course a name and face we are familiar with, Oscar winner Rami Malek who had a message for all of us:

There is no confirmation that Rami has been cast as the villain of the film but in the video message posted on the James Bond Twitter account he did say,

‘I promise you all that I will be making sure Mr. Bond does not have an easy ride of it in this his 25thouting…’

In a live interview with Good Morning America Rami also said,

“This is such a perfect follow-up I think to Bohemian Rhapsody. You know, going from one iconic Brit to an iconic British franchise.”

When asked about what he knows about his character he said,

‘Oh I know quite a bit, it’s going to be thrilling And it’s Daniel’s (Craig) last film. That pretty sad. But I’m going to give him a run for his money.’

And when asked to describe the villain in one word he said,


We can’t be sure but, that pretty much confirms our greatest desires. No?

Think about it based on his performances in Mr. Robot and Bohemian Rhapsody and the iconic villains of the James Bond franchise – could their be a more perfect casting in history?

And we say the following with all due respect – we love Rami, but you know he’s got that deep slow voice and those crazy non-blinking eyes that would make him perfect to play a James Bond villain.

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