Kickasso To Appear In Dubai

The sneaker artist will present some designs inspired by the Middle East and the Dubai lifestyle

Troy Cole also known as Kickasso's designs aren’t only fashionable but they’ve become a collector’s item. Photo: Supplied

by Staff Reporter

Fashion 2 July 2019

Troy Cole also known as Kickasso is the man creating wearable art in the intersection of sports, sneakers and fashion.

His world class custom hand- painted footwear and clothing, aren’t only fashionable but they’ve become a collector’s item.

From bold designs and a keen understanding of how to make people feel unique through his art, it’s no surprise that he’s worked for some huge stars such as David Beckham, T.I. and Michael B. Jordan to name a few.

The LA-based sneaker artist has a huge following on social media and is considered one of the most influential artists in sports and contemporary urban culture right now.

And it’s obvious why.

Scroll though his Instagram and you’ll see how he designs, decorates and literally transforms  popular apparel and shoes into art. Influenced by pop culture, graffiti and animation, his designs are full of energy, vigor and are straight up cool.

WATCH: Kickasso’s latest work and his message to sneakerheads

Kickasso is heading over to Dubai in the UAE for a cool event with Reebok who are launching their first-ever Fit Hub 3.0 store in the UAE at the Dubai Mall.

Kickasso will be there for the launch.

“I’m really excited about my Reebok collaboration and first visit to Dubai,” Kickasso said.

“I picture the city as a diamond in the Middle East, with a vibrant focal point, not only for the region, but throughout the world, in setting new expectations and being at the forefront of fashion and design.”

Kickasso will be in the Reebok Fit Hub 3.0 store on Friday 12th July, between 6:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m.

If you’re in Dubai or are planning a trip there, make sure you head to the store to meet the sneakers artist and to customise your Reebok sneakers for free.

There will be a number of Reebok Classic Leather, Club C and Aztrek sneakers pre-designed by Kickasso inspired by his own interpretation and perception of the Middle East and Dubai lifestyle. See below:

Reebok shoe designs by Kickasso inspired by his perceptions of the Middle East and the Dubai lifestyle.

“Culture shows me there is more out there than what I’m used to seeing,” Kickasso also said.

“There are more artistic styles to investigate, more emotions to ponder, more color combinations to test and more patterns to discover. I take more risks because I know that my artistic path isn’t the only way. That said, I’m excited to be inspired by Dubai and the culture of the region and bring them to life with Reebok.”

Whether you’re a fashionista or a sneaker head, if you have an old pair of Reebok classics or get your hands on their latest Aztrek Reebok kicks, you’ll be able to reinvent your sneakers to not only be one of a kind, but to be actual works of art on your feet.

And yes, a pair of sneakers designed by Kickasso will only gain in value!

Troy “Kickasso” Cole is the owner and founder of Kickasso Customs. Photo: Supplied

If you get your hands on a pair of custom designed Kickassos then we suggest that you refrain from wearing them (too much). Given the rise of art appearing on everyday apparel and artists like Kickasso making huge names for themselves online and offline, it only makes sense that the custom, and often hand painted, products he creates will increase in value.

If you find yourself heading to meet Kickasso on the 12th of July, make sure you capture it on your phone via video or photo and contact us here so we can share it!

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