9 million in impairment charges

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Most Americans have told pollsters that the health care issue will be very important in deciding who they’ll vote for in November. But when asked in a recent Gallup poll what they considered the most important issue facing the country, only 6 percent mentioned health care, while more than half mentioned the economy and jobs..

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With that in mind, I took the replacement XEagle out to the family ranch. Riding around on four wheelers with a drone chasing me and my brother in law sounded like the perfect test scenario. It should be a place where the survivor might be comfortable talking aloud or meditating about what she wished she had said while the person was still alive.These feelings are not always pretty. Children might want to express anger toward an abusive parent or spouses might need to come to terms with how they bottled up their feelings about unhappy marriages.But getting these feelings out is important.

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